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- Complete Parts List - DE-144 M311 7.8L 220 HP
B-172 DE-172 M321 7.8L 220 HP
BSD332 D220 M411 7.8L 240 HP
BSD333 E-134 M421 7.8L 240 HP
BSD333H E-144 M721 6.6L 143 HP
BSD444 F-223 VSG-411
BSD444H G-262 VSG-413
BSD444HT I-67 X-220
BSD444T I-98 Y-330
BSD666 IVECO 104
BSD666T KSG-411 104 CID
BSD666TI KSG-416 134G
D-172 M111 7.8L 188 HP 144GD
DD-172 M121 7.8L 188 HP 153
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