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AD3.152 Perkins Diesel BF6L913T C301 CID
AD3/49A B125 Gas C4.236
AD3/55A C03.130T C4.236 Compensated
A267D C113 CID C60 CID
A3.152 Gas C123 CID DT239 Diesel
A301D SN <7070351 & A301DF Diesel C135 CID DT268 Turbo Diesel
A4155A C152 CID DT361 CID
A451BD CID Diesel C164 CID DT407 CID
A451BDT CID Turbo Diesel C169 & C175 CID DT414 & DT414B CID
A504BD CID Diesel C221 CID DT436 & DT436B CID
A504BDT CID Turbo Diesel C248 CID DT466 & DTI466 CID
BD144 & BD144A CID C263 CID DT466B, DTI466B, DT466C, & DTI466C CID
BD154 CID C264 & C281 CID D155 CID
BF4L913, BF4L913T C264 CID D179 CID
BF6L913 C291 CID D188 CID
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