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Lawn Mower Blades

We know you take pride in your lawn. That is why we offer XHT and Predator blades from Sunbelt Outdoor Products. XHT & Predator blades are stronger, harder, and last longer. XHT blades can be found in a variety of types. You can get XHT blades in medium lift, high lift, low lift, toothed, high lift - notched, medium lift - notched, and mulching.

XHT and Predator Performance Benefits:

  • Increased hardness without brittleness
  • Great yield strength - the strongest mower blades on the market
  • Last longer and need to be sharpened less frequently
  • Better impact toughness with increased resistance to bending
  • Reduced weight: Faster start and along with less wear on the PTO clutch.
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